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Shogun X the Last Immortal Comic Book In Stores Oct 2013

For Immediate Release (Mikazuki Publishing News) September 23, 2013 - Mikazuki Publishing House has announced the release of its newest title "Shogun X the Last Immortal" comic book. Set to be released in October 2013, this action-adventure comic book was co-created by Shervin Khoramian, the Creative Director of Mikazuki Publishing House. Kambiz Mostofizadeh, CEO of Mikazuki Publishi...ng House said "This comic book is very special for us and symbolizes a unique creation for our publishing house. Under the magnificent creative direction of Mikazuki Publishing House Creative Director Shervin Khoramian, this comic book will break new ground in originality and will surely be a classic part of any book collector or library's collection. This comic book is filled with exciting action scenes and mentally stimulating writing. The artwork is topnotch and fans will find it difficult to not fall in love with the main character."  "Shogun X the Last Immortal" is based around Shogun X, an elite Immortal guardsman of Xerxes that is trained in the arts of combat, illusion, and persuasion. His fellow officers fearing his superior abilities and ambitious nature, betray him to local criminals forcing him to escape and to seek refuge among the Simak, a phoenix-like bird.  What starts off as a vendetta against a local crime gang working for the people that betrayed him, transforms Shogun X in to a man that dedicates his life to fighting crime. "Shogun X the Last Immortal" is a comic book series published by Mikazuki Publishing House and the first issue will be in stores on October 2013.
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